Frequently Asked Questions

What do your chemical reuse or chemical sourcing services cost?

We're glad you asked. There is no upfront fee for any of our services. Simply contact us with your requirements, whether your interest is buying or selling, and we will go to work to find a solution. If we are able to find a solution that meets your needs, we will present you with a price for the total package.

How do I know if my chemicals can be reused?

Great question. As long as your chemicals are considered products and have not been deemed waste, they are eligible for reuse. Contact us today and one of our chemical reuse experts will evaluate your eligible inventory for potential outlets and present you with our findings. This service is provided at no cost to you, so you have nothing to lose!

Can you take my chemical waste?

No. We are not a disposal facility and we are not in the business of waste. We can only take products and find reuse applications for them. Anything that has been deemed a waste will need to go to a company permitted to handle waste. We ship our products on a bill of lading (BOL) to outlets who use them as they are or as raw materials for their processes.

Why do business with ChemVale?

That's a fair question. We believe that partnering with us to find uses for chemicals that would otherwise be sent to disposal is the responsible thing to do. Since there is no upfront cost to you, it only makes sense to see if ChemVale can find an outlet that will take your products, typically for far less than the cost of disposal.

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